Global Blockchain Development Company

DLTα 21 utilizes quantitative methodologies and strategic due diligence for intelligent capital allocation to the blockchain ecosystem and other distributed ledger technologies (DLT).

Intelligent Blockchain Exposure
We invest in the most promising early stage distributed ledger technology start-ups and manage a cryptocurrency trading operation backed by advanced quantitative algorithms.

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DLTα 21 Ventures
DLTα 21 invests in the most promising global DLT participants and crypto infrastructure. Working with blockchain innovators, DLTα 21 is committed to intelligent capital allocation to support distributed ledger technology as an emerging asset class. DLTα 21 supports start-ups in building the most sustainable business models through a globally-networked incubator and accelerator programs. These programs in turn enable us to identify DLT start-ups with the potential to offer truly meaningful investor returns.
DLTα 21 Cayman Fund
DLTα 21 Cayman Fund provides optimum exposure to and trading capabilities across the most competitive global cryptocurrency assets via state-of-the art quantitative algorithms and sound fundamental research. Backed by its operations in the sizeable cryptocurrency trading market of Japan, DLTα 21 will provide a regulatory compliant decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform offering complete transparency, robust security, and full KYC/AML compliance while remaining free of custodian liabilities.
DLTα 21 Japan
DLTα 21 maintains operations in Tokyo to enable us to focus on one of the largest cryptocurrency markets in the world, Japan, while supporting Japanese and other blockchain innovators going global. Japanese companies are now fully embracing the potential of distributed ledger technologies by either adopting DLT themselves or investing in DLT start-ups. Our Tokyo subsidiary leverages access to key decision makers in the world’s key cryptocurrency market.
Our Team
DLTα 21’s team has actively managed over $1 billion in assets with a track record of early stage investments in innovative distributed ledger technologies.
Matthew Hornor
Executive Chairman
  • Global executive leader with proven track record in sophisticated legal, financial, and business development arenas
  • Public company CEO/Director with exposure to a range of entrepreneurial public and private firms
  • Strong industry relationships forged over 24 years in Asia with a specific focus on Japan
Ryan Monsurate
Chief Technical Officer
  • Electronics Engineer and MBA with 10+ years experience in software development (Assembly to LAMP)
  • Started bitcoin mining operations in March 2011
  • Experience in Machine Learning, Robotics, 3D Printing, Quantum Computing, & Additive Manufacturing
  • Solid background in finance with extensive financial modelling experience
Murray Flanigan
Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer of Kepis & Pobe Financial Group
  • CPA and CFA with strong background in M&A, tax, corporate restructuring and accounting
  • Former SVP, Corporate Development for Adelphia Communications overseeing sale of company for USD $18 Billion
Michelle Borthwick
VP Corporate Affairs & Compliance
  • 20+ years of diverse, senior level experience in Corporate Finance and M&A.
  • Experience in all phases of corporate development with extensive knowledge of public company administration
  • Previously VP Corporate Affairs and Corporate Secretary with Endeavour Mining with key input into M&A activity.
Philipp Kalerhoff
Fund Advisor & Manager
  • Hedge fund quant and technology entrepreneur who co-founded the first crypto investment vehicle in Canada in 2013
  • Traded books of over $1 billion using algorithms and advanced trading strategies
  • Founded and successfully executed his own VC backed technology startup
  • Doctorate in Computational Neuroscience
“Hutch” Heihachiro Okamoto
Managing Director, Country Head
  • 30 years experience with top tier international financial institutions in Tokyo and New York
  • Head of Retail Foreign Equities Investment Research for SMBC Nikko Securities Inc
  • Former Managing Director of Citigroup Global Markets/Salomon Brothers and oversaw the buildout of the top foreign equity brokerage in Japan
Nakaba Chimura
Managing Director, Operations
  • Experience in closing large business dealings in the order of hundreds of millions of dollars
  • Former Japan country head of North American public companies and private ventures
  • Demonstrated skills in contract negotiation for equity / offtake
  • Access to a quality network including Japanese government, banks, and trading houses
Mari Minamiyama
Director of Accounting, Audit, & Internal Control
  • Extensive US and Japan experience with top 5 banks and financial regulators
  • Demonstrated skills in area of Internal Auditing and Independent Compliance Testing
  • Experience includes reviews and implementation of corporate governance policies and setting up of internal control environment
  • Passed all sections of USCPA examination
Murray Flanigan
  • Chief Financial Officer of Kepis & Pobe Financial Group
  • CPA and CFA with strong background in M&A, tax, corporate restructuring and accounting
  • Former VP, Corporate Development for Adelphia Communications overseeing sale of company for USD $18 Billion
Ali Zamani
  • Managing Partner of Overlook Investments
  • Experienced investment management executive with a track record in Equity Research,  Asset Management, Equity Valuation, and Capital Markets
  • Former Portfolio Manager & CI of Genifor Capital Management and former Portolio Manager of Goldman Sachs
Thomas R. Zengage
  • Chairman & CEO of Investor Impact Inc (Tokyo)
  • Long-term serial entrepreneur and early stage blockchain investor in Asia
  • Independent director of a major Tokyo Stock Exchange listed company
  • Has led Japan focused consulting engagements for key global technology companies
Norifusa Hashimoto
  • Co-founder of Kaynex Law Offices
  • Former partner at major global law firms with over 25 years experience in inbound/outbound financial transactions and securities
Ben Hockett
  • Principal of Cornwall Capital, Chief Risk Officer, and Head Trader
  • As Chief Risk Officer, responsible for overseeing all aspects of risk and risk transfer
  • Former Director of Deutsche Bank’s Cross Markets Arbitrage group managing Asian markets proprietary trading risk
Edward "Ted" Johnson
  • Managing Partner, ZelusTech Global Advisory and ZelusTech Foreign Law Office
  • Focus on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency and other advanced technologies
  • Former partner in the Tokyo offices of global law firms Orrick and Paul Hastings
Masa Nakatsu
  • Founder & Former CEO of Orb Inc, a novel and extremely scalable distributed ledger technology
  • Oversaw strategic exit with Orb acquired by the SBI Group in January 2018
  • Entrepreneur, Investor, and Philanthropist
Ford Nicholson
  • Managing principal of Kepis & Pobe Financial Group with over 20 years of public company experience
  • Current chairman of TSX listed BNK Petroleum Inc producing and exploring for natural gas in the US.
  • Co-founder and Director of Nations Energy Ltd in Kazakhstan and co-founder and former board member of Bankers Petroleum Ltd in Albania
  • Former deputy chairman of the board of InterOil Corporation, a fully integrated LNG developer, before its sale to ExxonMobil
Ku Shin
  • 25 years of investment management experience and expert international economics, finance, and asian markets
  • Current CEO & President of real estate investment firm, the Redwood Group, Korea.
  • Former CIO & President Asia Pacific of major global hedge fund with over $4 Billion assets under management
  • Former President of Mesirow Financial International Division and former Managing Director and Global Portfolio Manager for JP Morgan Chase
Dmitri Williams
  • Associate Professor, Annenburg School for Communication and Journalism, University of Southern California
  • Author of 50+ peer-reviewed works on technology and psychology
  • Pioneer in the use of social graphs and analytics for business insights
  • Recently named one of the most influential figures in gaming analytics by Innovation Enterprise